Top 5 Luxury Men’s Watches From Omega


Omega is one of the top – rated Swiss luxury watches brand which was founded in 1848 by Louis Brandt. At the start of their journey, the luxury watches brand was named as La Generale Watch Co., based in La Chaux – de – Fonds, Switzerland. Initially, Louis started selling pocket watches to Scandinavia, whose parts were being gathered by him from local artistes. His two sons, Louis – Paul and Cesar improved an innovative in-house manufacturing and entire production control system that permitted its ancillary parts to be interchangeable. As a brand, Omega started its journey from 1903.

After Louis – Paul and Cesar’s demise in 1903, all the responsibilities of the company went to Paul – Emile Brandt. He was the builder of the Omega luxury watches brand. His decisions affected very much and they were felt deeply by the company over the next fifty years. Despite the downturn caused by the First World War, his hardships made the company overcome them. At first, Omega was integrated by Tissot to become Omega – Tissot, but later on the SSIH group merged the brand with them. Currently, it is a part of the Swatch Group.

The brand has been associated with important events like NASA’s lunar mission in 1969, supplying timekeeping device of the Olympic Games from 1932.

There is a huge variety of fashionable and sporty men’s watches from the house.

Explore your tough side with Omega Constellation

This classy men’s watch includes white 39mm dial with silver bezel. These two combine to make the watch very attractive, while its blue leather strap produces a soothing effect. Its platinum case makes it strong, while the sapphire crystal glass protects the watch from scratches and keeps it tough and maintains the masculinity.

Feel the pleasure with Omega Constellation

The exuberance and charming radiance of this model makes it a masterpiece. Its rose gold bezel provides the pleasure to the wearer’s wrist and temperament, while the brown leather strap matches the design. The silver dial measuring 39mm is well decorated with date display and luminous hand features. Its steel body and sapphire crystal glass makes it durable and also protects from getting scratches. The piece is water resistant within a distance of 100 meters, while its automatic movement keeps accurate time.

Ostentate the lofty part with Omega Constellation

This extraordinary beautiful piece reflects the aura of positivity and makes the wearer look majestic. The golden bezel matches with brown leather strap and provides an elegant touch. Its silver 39mm dial is delicately decorated and contains features like co – axial chronometer, date display and luminous hand. Classic steel body gives the sturdiness, while the sapphire crystal glass protects from getting scratches. It is water resistant within a distance of 100 meters which makes it durable.

Clarity at its best with Omega Constellation

When one prefers for transparency, then this is the model that fits the wearer’s wrist. Classic silver dial measuring 38mm exhibits the needed simplicity combined with luminosity. The rose gold bezel complements the two tone strap and radiates the wrist of the wearer.

Magnify the magnificence with Omega Constellation

This appealing piece of luxury watches keeps one glaring with its sparkling appearance. The elegant white 39mm dial is finely embellished. The luminous golden bezel is accompanied with stainless steel strap and elevates the mood of the wearer. Its steel case and sapphire crystal glass gives strength as well as provides protection from getting scratches. Features like co -axial chronometer, analogue, automatic movement, date display and luminous hand makes it very effective. The model is water resistant within a distance of 100 meters.

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